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Sponsor Opportunities

Hint Summit offers a limited number of high-value sponsorship opportunities to our integrated tech partners, growth partners, and others who share our commitment to DPC and have something relevant and valuable to offer to attendees.

Sponsoring the Summit

Click to download the Hint Summit 2022 Prospectus and learn more about sponsoring the Summit. 

Benefits of sponsorship:

• Stand out at the only event that connects physicians, DPC affiliate networks, benefits advisors, and employers—all with the purpose of expanding adoption of DPC.

• Introduce your proprietary solution that helps the DPC community tackle common challenges, activate growth and reimagine the future of healthcare and DPC.

• Meet customers (physicians, NPs, DOs, benefits advisors, employers) who need your solution to support their practice and/or health plan.


If you have specific questions about sponsorships, exhibiting or the event itself, please email us at summit@hint.com