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The Direct Primary Care Innovation Conference

June 7-9, 2022

INSPIRE, CONNECT, ACTIVATE, ROCK! Join us LIVE at ReelWorks Denver to discover and elevate your innovative DPC practice, weaving together insights, relationships and technology to achieve better outcomes for our industry.

Hint Summit is nearly here, and here is everything you can expect to see this year in Denver!


Closing Party @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Brit Floyd

What is Hint Summit?

Hint Summit brings together Direct Primary Care enthusiasts, pioneers, and innovators to share ideas, build meaningful new relationships, and celebrate the impact of DPC—all with the goal of growing the Direct Care movement and making it the new standard in US healthcare.

Past Conference Stats


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Gained new insights for business growth


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Introducing our Emcees:


Dr. Clint Flanagan
Nextera Healthcare


Dr. Maryal Concepcion
Big Trees MD, My DPC Story

Feature Keynote Speakers 

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Daniel Schmachtenberger

The Consilience Project

Founding Member

Daniel is a founding member of The Consilience Project, aimed at improving public sensemaking and dialogue. The throughline of his interests has to do with ways of improving the health and development of individuals and society, with a virtuous relationship between the two as a goal. 

Regan Stiegmann

Maj. Regan Stiegmann

DO, MPH, FACLM United States Air Force

Flight Surgeon
Lifestyle & Performance Medicine Advocate

Maj (Dr.) Regan A. Stiegmann is a double board-certified Active Duty Flight Surgeon in the United States Air Force stationed at the USAF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO. Over the past decade, Dr. Stiegmann has proudly served in many leadership roles in a variety of nationally and internationally recognized medical platforms.

johnathan bush

Jonathan Bush

Zus Health

Founder & CEO

Jonathan is a health tech entrepreneur and author claimed as a "disrupter" on Fortune's Top 34 Leaders that are Changing Healthcare. Prior to founding Zus Health, Jonathan co-founded athenahealth.

Robert Pearl

Robert Pearl, MD

Fixing Healthcare Podcast

Practicing Physician
Stanford Professor
Forbes.com Contributor

Dr. Robert Pearl is the former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group, and former president of The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. He serves as a clinical professor of plastic surgery at Stanford University School of Medicine and is on the faculty of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he teaches courses on strategy and leadership, and lectures on information technology and health care policy.

Sean Gourley

Sean Gourley

Primer AI

Founder & CEO

Sean holds a PhD in physics from Oxford, where his research as a Rhodes Scholar focused on complex systems and the mathematical patterns underlying modern war. He previously sat on the Board of Directors at Anadarko (NYSE:APC), is a TED Fellow, and an expert on leveraging AI & data to understand complex global systems like conflict, financial markets, epidemics and politics.

Zak Holdsworth headshot-1

Zak Holdsworth

Hint Health

Co-Founder & CEO

Zak Holdsworth is a health tech entrepreneur who co-founded Hint Health (www.hint.com), the leading tech company focused on the growth and success of the direct primary care movement, a provider led movement that is driving transformative improvements in cost, quality, and outcomes while improving patient and provider satisfaction.

Additional Speakers


Abhi Gupta

Fold Health


Adam_Berkowitz- (1)

Adam Berkowitz, RHU


2020 Broker of the Year Finalist
Advocate to Rehumanize Health Plans

Adam Wheeler

Adam Wheeler, MD

Big Tree Medical Home

Founder & Physician


Aimee Leidich

Hint Health

Director of Business Operations

Alex George-1

Alex George

Mountains Wave Marketing

Founder & CEO


Alexa Schulte

Hint Health

Head of Product

Alexa Torres

Alexa Torres

Care Identity a Strands of Silver Company

Creative Director & Brand Specialist

Anastasia (Staci) Benson

Anastasia (Staci) Benson, DO

Paradigm Family Health

Founder & Family Physician

Andrew Newland

Andrew Newland

Direct Primary Care Marketing

Chief Lead Generator


Bibb Beale

Frontier Direct Care

Founder & CEO

Brandon Alleman

Brandon Alleman, MD, PhD

Antioch Med


Cedric Kovacs-Johnson

Cedric Kovacs-Johnson

Flume Health

Founder & CEO

Claire Bodtke (Cooper)

Claire Cooper Bodtke


Patient acquisition, healthcare marketing and technology expert


Danish Nagda, MD


Founder & CEO

david cameron

David Cameron, MD

Hint Connect

Chief Medical Officer

Clinical thought leader in Direct Primary Care.
Board Certified in Family Medicine.

David Contorno

David Contorno

E Powered Benefits


David Craig

David Craig

Spruce Health


Delicia Haynes headshot

Delicia Haynes, MD

Family First Health Center


DPC Movement Trailblazer
Med Student Mental Health Advocate

Fay Rotenberg-square-cut-1

Fay Rotenberg

Firefly Health


Jay Keese-2

Jay Keese, JD

Capitol Advocates, LLC


Seasoned government relations and health policy professional


Jeff Bernhard



Former Executive with Aetna w/ Blue Cross Blue Shield

Jeff Gold

Jeff Gold, MD

Gold Direct Care

Founder & CEO


Jonathan Bushman

Reliant Direct Primary Care

Owner & Physician

Entrepreneur, Puzzle Solver

JDunsby Professional Photo-1

Joshua Dunsby, PhD

One Medical

Vice President, Client Advocacy and Consultant Relations


Julie K Gunther, MD, FAAFP

sparkMD - a DPC clinic

CEO, Physician

DPC Alliance, Past President & VP ('20-21 & '18-'19)
Champion of healthcare transformation & physician advocate


Katrice Brooks, MD

Quench Clinic

Founder & Physician

Double Board Certified in Family & Lifestyle Medicine, Health Equality Advocate

Kenneth Qiu

Kenneth Qiu, MD

EuDoc Direct Primary Care

Founder & Physician

Innovation and functional healthcare system advocate


Kyle Rickner, MD

Primary Health Partners

Owner & Physician

Kyna Fong

Kyna Fong

Elation Health


Lauren Tancredi-re-sized

Lauren Tancredi, MBA

Hint Health

Practice Development Lead
Innovator, educator and growth specialist for the health and wellness industry

Mark Tomasul DO-1

Mark Tomasulo, DO


Founder & CEO


Mark Nolan

Hint Health

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Wetschler

Matt Wetschler, MD, MPH

Plume Health

CEO and Co-founder

Nick Desai-1

Nick Desai


Founder & CEO
Mission-driven health-tech leader.
Engineer. Inventor. Author. Speaker.


Nick Soman


Founder & CEO

olivia cameron-1-1

Olivia Cameron

Poppins Health


Phillip Berry

Phillip Berry

Northwind Pharmaceuticals

Founder & CEO


Sara Pastoor, MD, MHA, FAAFP

Elation Health

Director of Primary Care Advancement

Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, 15 years of experience in the Army Medical Department

Scott Muir-1

Scott Muir, MD

Ambit Pay



Steven Waldren, MD

American Academy of Family Physicians

Vice President & Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Vance Lassey

Vance Lassey, MD

Holton Direct Care & President DPC Alliance

Owner & Family Physician


Zack Lyman

Zack Lyman

Tik Tok Partner

Marketing Director, Marketing Beaver 

Schedule of Events

Hint Summit 2022: 2 full days of content & the return of DPC Bootcamp

June 7, 2022

1-5pm Pre-Summit DPC Accelerator Bootcamp

Registration & Headshots (for Accelerator registrants) 12-1p | The Source Hotel, RiNo Ballroom

1-1:15p: Welcome and Opening Remarks | Lauren Tancredi & Maryal Concepcion

1:15-1:30p: Ice Breaker: Intention Setting

1:30-1:45p: Building your Dream Practice | Julie Gunther

1:45-2p: Vision Exercise | Lauren Tancredi

2-2:15p: Member Experience: Started vs Now | Staci Benson

2:15-2:30p: Member Design Exercise | Lauren Tancredi

2:30-2:45p: Bias of Tech | Claire Cooper Bodtke

2:45-3p: Building your Tech Stack | Claire Cooper Bodtke & Lauren Tancredi

3-3:20p: Break - Photos - Snacks

Mid Point Check in | Maryal Concepcion 3:30-3:40p

Sales & Marketing Rapid Fire 3:30-4:45p

3:30-3:40p: Ideal Patient | Alexa Torres

3:40-3:50p: Employer Sales and Outreach | Ryne Bessmer 

3:50-4:00p: Targeting Your Message | Alex George

4:00-4:10p: Power of Video on Social Media | Zack Lyman

4:10-4:20p: SEO | Andrew Newland

4:20-4:30p: 10 Minute Marketing Plan

4:30-4:40p: Ask the Experts

Closing & Networking 4:40-5:50p

4:40-5:00p: Closing Remarks | Lauren Tancredi & Maryal Concepcion

5:00-5:50p: Photos, Networking, Additional Support


DPCC Steering Committee Meeting

5-7p: DPC Coalition Steering Committee Meeting

Hotel Indigo - Green Room
1801 Wewatta Street
Denver, CO 80202

Opening Party at Union Station
hosted by Decent & Fullscript

7-10p: Opening Party at Union Station 

We’ve made it a point to integrate great locations and activities into the event, so you can get a satisfying taste of what Denver has to offer. Our Opening Party will be held at the historic (iconic!) Union Station which is located in the LoDo district of Denver which is near hip hotels, nightlife, Coors Field, and other attractions. If you’re a fan of good beer, friendly people, lively music, and great food, then join us for the opening function in downtown Denver. Hosts: Decent & Fullscript

1701 Wynkoop St
Denver, CO 80202

June 8, 2022 / Day 1

7:30a-5-15p: Hint Summit Day 1 | ReelWorks

7:30-8:30a: Continental breakfast & Networking with DPC solutions

8:30-8:45a: Welcome & Opening Remarks | Clint Flanagan, MD & Maryal Concepcion, MD

8:45-9:15a: Uncaring: How the Culture of Medicine Kills Doctors and Patients | Robert Pearl, MD

9:15-9:45a: Trends in Direct Primary Care | Kenneth Qiu, MD, Emily Scott, MD; Moderated by Aimee Leidich

9:45-10:05a: Sowing the DPC Seed to Fix Healthcare | Jeff Gold, MD

10:05-10:25a: Networking Break 

10:30-10:55a: Changing Healthcare: Is it Really Changing Anything for Physicians? | Jeff Bernhard, David Contorno, Brandon Alleman, MD; Moderated byJulie Gunther, MD, FAAFP

10:55-11:15a: Personal Biases in Care | Delicia Haynes, MD

11:15-11:35a: Practicing Authentically | Katrice Brooks, MD

11:35-11:55a: Update from the Hill | Jay Keese

12-1:15p: Lunch

1:20-1:40p: Pushing the Boundaries in DPC | Vance Lassey, MD

1:40-2p: Unlocking Personal Freedom | Lauren Tancredi

2-2:30p: DPC Pathways: Growing Fast, Growing Smart | Adam Wheeler, MD, Bibb Beale

2:30-2:50p: Networking Break

3-3:45p: Biohacking our Military's Best: How Lifestyle & Performance Medicine is Optimizing Health in the Department of Defense | Maj. Regan Stiegmann, DO, MPH, FACLM

3:45-5:15p: A Conversation on Healthcare and the Future of Human Civilization | Daniel Schmactenberger & Zak Holdsworth

4:30-6:00p: DPC Ecosystem Cocktails & Conversations | Connect with sponsors & other attendees while enjoying light apps and summit specific cocktails

June 9, 2022 / Day 2

8a-4p: Hint Summit Day 2 | ReelWorks

8:00-8:30a: Continental breakfast & Networking with DPC solutions

8:30-8:35a: Day 2 Emcee Opening | Clint Flanagan, MD & Maryal Concepcion, MD

8:35-8:55a: Leveraging Enhanced Pharmacy Services to Drive DPC Value | Phillip Berry, Kyle Rickner, MD, Robert Lockwood, MD

8:55-9:15a: Importance of Peer Reviewed Studies in DPC | Jonathan Bushman, DO, Sara Pastoor, MD, MHA, FAAFP, Steven Waldren, MD; Moderated by Mark Nolan

9:15-9:25a: AAFP Innovation Lab - Accelerating DPC Adoption | Steven Waldren, MD, Mark Nolan

9:25-9:45a: Private Practice of the Future | Nick Desai

9:45-10:10a: Digital Health and Diasporas: Transforming Healthcare for Minority Communities | Matt Wetschler, MD, MPH

10:10-10:30a: Networking Break 

10:30-10:35a: Emcee Check-in | Clint Flanagan, MD & Maryal Concepcion, MD

10:35-10:50a: Telepsychiatry for DPC | Scott Muir, MD

10:50-11:10a: The Evolution of Enterprise DPC | Mark Tomasulo, DO, Joshua Dunsby, PhD; Moderated by David Cameron, MD

11:10a-12:00p: Hint CEO Keynote | Zak Holdsworth

12:00p-1:15p: Lunch

1:15-1:35p: Primary Care Reimagined: Changing Your Community's Footprint of Health | Adam Berkowitz, RHU, Danish Nagda, MD

1:35-2:05p: CEO's Guide to Tech Trends | Abhi Gupta, David Craig, Kyna Fong; Moderated by Colin Hung

2:05-2:25p: Networking Break

2:30-3:00p: Building Modern Health Plans around Direct Primary Care | Cedric Kovacs-Johnson, Nick Soman, Olivia Cameron; Moderated by Fay Rotenberg

3:00-3:45p: The World of Artificial Intelligence | Sean Gourley

3:45-4:15p: Closing Remarks | Zak Holdsworth

Closing Party at Red Rocks
hosted by: PeakMed + one medical & Lineal Health + A-S Medication Solutions

5p: Party buses leave for Red Rocks Amphitheatre

5:30p-11p: Cocktails & Dinner at Rock Room & Patio

We always try to close out Hint Summit with an unforgettable experience, something that brings us together to celebrate the progress we’ve made as a community. This year, we're headed to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. We’ll take over the Rock Room, an exclusive hall where we’ll enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, and you’ll be able to go out and explore the entire venue.

6:15p-7:15p: Live from Red Rocks (Virtual Event)
Hosted by Dr. Kenneth Qiu, join the Hint Summit Closing party live with interviews and quick bytes from the innovators that make Hint Summit so great!

8p-11p: Brit Floyd Concert

This ultimate live Pink Floyd tribute band from Liverpool, United Kingdom brings together all the best elements of the iconic band—world-class musicians, cutting edge Floydian animations, and a sound rooted in blues that expands into progressive rock. The popular band (yes, they are officially endorsed by Pink Floyd) touches on topics that everyone identifies with, ranging from memory to madness, to ego and societal issues. Get ready to have a psychedelic rockin’ time!

The Venue

ReelWorks located in the heart of downtown Denver’s RiNo Arts District

ReelWorks Event Center

  • A fixture of Denver's vibrant RiNo Art District
  • Denver's largest (22,000 sq ft) fully immersive entertainment & events venue
  • Lunch and snacks included
  • Classroom style format (comfortable seating w/ tables)
  • Located just blocks from downtown Denver and the 38th/Blake DIA commuter rail train station, with ample free parking


Hint Summit has set aside a limited number of rooms at two boutique hotels in (RiNo) Denver.

Hotel Indigo

Market Rate

Hotel Indigo

Market Rate

Hotel Indigo Denver Downtown is where modern-day pioneers and urban explorers are inspired to discover the perfect day in Denver! Offering the charm of a boutique hotel, this boutique LoDo hotel features sliding barn doors and spa-style bathrooms, top-notch amenities of the Hotel Indigo brand, and in-house local experts who bestow their wisdom on what to do and where to go while visiting Denver. We are located just steps from Hunt Summit opening party at Union Station, Coors Field, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Minutes from the lightrail that takes you to DIA or Summit venue.

Block extended to 5/13. Pick up your room today.

Book a room at Hotel Indigo

(303) 623-4422 Book Online

The Source Hotel

Market Rate

The Source Hotel

Market Rate

Made up of a collection of independent retail, restaurants, and 100 design-forward hotel rooms, The Source Hotel is your hub to the heart of Denver’s River North Art District.

The Hint block rate is no longer available. Guests can still pick up rooms at The Source Hotel with one of these discounted rates:
Stay More, Save More (discount for staying 2+ nights): $347
AAA Rate (show a valid AAA card upon arrival): $367

Book a room at The Source Hotel

(720) 409-1200 Book Online

The Catbird Hotel

Market Rate

The Catbird Hotel

Market Rate

An independent hotel in Denver’s RiNo neighborhood, Catbird blurs the line between hotel and home in the heart of the city's vibrant creative center.

Book a room at The Catbird Hotel

(720)-990-5555 Book Online

The Ramble

Market Rate

The Ramble

Market Rate

We aim to channel the spirit of Rambouillet and the french salons within the walls of our hotel, while bringing you an authentic introduction to the River North Art District (RiNo).

Book a room at The Ramble

(720) 996-6300 Book Online

**The room rates at Hotel Indigo, The Source Hotel, The Ramble and The Catbird Hotel are subject to a 1% Destination tax and 5.18% Lodging Tax and $25 Destination Amenity Fee. Destination Amenity Fee is subject to Tax and Preservation Fee. Hotel Indigo room rates are subject to 15.75% Tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

To ensure Hint Summit is inclusive of the diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds that make up the rich community of Direct Primary Care Providers, we strongly encourage members of historically underrepresented groups in DPC—people of color, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and veterans—-to attend.

Covid Protocol

Hint Health is working in accordance with the health and safety practices as issued by local and state health authorities, including the venue, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As new developments arise over the coming months, the approach will continue to evolve and we will keep the community informed of any changes.

Hint encourages all attendees to act in the best interests of their own well-being. Hint will encourage frequent hand washing, sanitizing and social distancing when necessary. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the conference floor and in common areas. High-touch areas will be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

By registering to attend the Hint Summit, you are consenting you will comply with any protocols that are made by Hint Health, our Denver venues, local health officials and/or the CDC.